Breaking the Stereotypic Jazz Mould in London – Young Jazz Artists

The UK houses a collaborative, diverse and modern jazz scene. Jazz has been a proud culture of the British. Ronnie Scott, a saxophonist, established the legendary ‘London Jazz Club‘ in 1959.  This was followed in the 1980s by the supergroup ‘Jazz Warriors’ who carried the flag. In recent years, new artists emerged pushing the genre of free-wheeling into grittier territory. Today, many innovative jazz musicians are emerging freely.

Regardless of the changes in music throughout time, British Jazz pop songs have been above all others, and it always received a Mercury nomination, reminding people of its existence. British jazz was away from the mainstream view for some time, but in recent years the genre underwent a severe overhaul. One of the extraordinary aspects was the abundant use of jazz-related subgenres. In fact, the beauty of jazz was that it merged with hip-hop and a new generation was birthed. It was received with open arms and also played a significant role in highlighting cosmic characters such as ‘Kamasi Washington’ and ‘Thundercat,’ in a refreshing way.

In the UK, the Jazz movements that evolved recently are thrilling and comes with fresh experimentalism. It is now far-flung, reaching diverse audiences. The new musicians are young in their early 20s and 30s. They come from varying backgrounds and have now developed their music community beyond concert halls and major labels. The new generation of music pulls other genres, regardless of whether it is neo-soul, hip-hop, African and Caribbean diaspora, and UK club sounds. In fact, British DJs namely Floating Points and Bradley Zero have now liberated jazz to the extent that it is also appropriate for the dance floor.

The important point is how productive the jazz wave is with jazz musicians infiltrating summer music festivals. Their talent is recognized now all over the globe, and the British invasion of jazz is now well received.  In London, the jazz musicians have sprung out all of a sudden, and now the jazz sense is felt everywhere.

Adeleye is a new radio host supporting the rising jazz stars on the internet stations namely, Worldwide FM and NTS.  It is important to have affordable spaces so that people can experiment and face the audience.  Now with the artist developing, charities and jam sessions, a new wave is nurtured. These include the London’s Southbank Center and Tomorrow’s Warriors. They support jazz newbies’ development. Othe Jazz artists like, Adam Mose’s and Justin McKenzie support the new jazz movement by providing a stage to the musicians in the UK and overseas.

The new generation is exciting and is wrestling traditional jazz for the better. The best part of the new generation is that most musicians are trained formally or classically that they consider vindicating the music such that everyone enjoys it. This is the reason they have released and set free the sound that was locked away and conserved only for a few. People are changing and so is the music. Obviously, technology has a considerable part to play, and now music is branded.