Jazz Venues in England for Musicians Starting Off Their Career

Artists and musicians who thrive on doing well in the entertainment industry are always on the lookout for ways to enhance their career. Looking for gigs and venues for a jazz artist to perform at, is a constant reminder that there are only a few hand-picked places that actually work. Here below is a  compiled list of venues directly at the epicentre of live music. Take a look at London’s most favourable sites for unknown artists that want to showcase their talent to an acquainted audience. Make sure to bring your best stuff.

Servant Jazz Quarters

This 100-capacity venue is ideal for Jazz musicians who are just starting. This club helped Moses Boyd in making a name for himself and housed, among others, Sun Ra Arkestra. The program also offers more eclectic gigs. Many excited artists frequented the stage at Servant Jazz Quarters.

 St. John on Bethnal Green

The St. John Church has excellent acoustics, and they serve beer. What more could you want? Bethnal Green is an excellent place for Jazz venues due to its unique atmosphere. The cavernous shape of the walls makes for a magnificent backdrop for deep and heavy pieces.

Vortex Dalton

Do you have a more experimental repertoire and look for the right venue to present your art? The Vortex Dalton will give you the most appropriate stage for it. Founded by John Russel and Chris Burn in 1991, this venue has a tradition of staging improv Jazz.

Ray`s Jazz at Foyles

Located on the first floor in the café of Foyles bookshop, this venue hosts many improv artists at their free events. Splatter and keyboardist Steve Beresford are among the artists who do their gigs at Ray`s Jazz frequently. Its unique setting makes it an excellent opportunity for new artists to prove themselves.

Ryan`s Bar

You can book the basement of Ryan`s Bar for your venue. The stage here hosts mainly artist from the Corn Rocket Club, but it is no stranger to Jazz. The improv meet, Flim Flam, regularly shows off freeform music from around the world.

Café Oto

Right behind Kingsland High Street, hidden away in a small side street, you can find the infamous Café Oto. From Yoko Ono to Thurston Moore, Café Oto’s stage has seen maybe a broader variety in music than any other venue in London. Used to being the stage for music far off from the mainstream, this venue also offers a unique space for young artists to present their work.

Luna Lounge

Located in Leytonstone, this jazz bar hosts the Luna Fringe, a monthly free improv event which has seen the likes of Aida Severo together on stage with Led Bib saxophonist Chris Williams. The Zen Bicycle Band showcased their combination of ethnic music and jazz. If you get hungry, you can get curry upstairs, and head back to the cellar where the gigs are played.

Bar & Co

Do you ever want to play on water? If you answered yes, the Boat-Ting is the place to go. Located right on the Thames, the 150-capacity boat offers the only improve music event on water in London. Right under the gaze of the London Eye and the watchful glances of Big Ben, you can hold your gig every first and third Monday every month. Repeatedly the stage for savant mentalism, off-kilter combos and freeform this can be the place where it all started for you.