Most Popular Jazz Instruments

 Jazz music originated from the southern part of the United States. It is of African and European musical styles. Jazz music has changed over time. Some of the recent jazz styles are; Dixieland Music and New Orleans Jazz. It is a mixture of blues, ragtime and brass band marches. Some of the famous Jazz musicians are: Lois Armstrong who still an inspiration to contemporary jazz lovers and musicians alike. Some of the favorite jazz instruments are:

Upright Bass

This instrument is crafted with wood and has four strings. It is used as a background sound to set the tune in any jazz music. A bow of horsehair was formerly used to play an Upright bass. The Hairs is rubbed across the four strings to produce a low tune. This process is known as Pizzicato. To play the instrument, the player must sit on a stool or stand behind the device and touch the strings.


Percussion is used to maintain the rhyme for movement in a jazz song. There are not many percussion instruments used in jazz songs, but the majority of them are drums. The foremost is the bass drum in which a foot pedal is used to play it. Another is the snare drum which is played with two sticks. The snare drum is position in from of the player beside the crash cymbals.


The name Piano is coined from the Italian name Pianoforte which means durable and soft. This is the only instrument with many capacities. It comes with about 88 keys, some of which are used to play low notes and others high notes. You can press the instrument in quick successions to create a slow and soft effect.


This is one of the very popular jazz instruments. The reason is not unconnected to the fact that Louis Armstrong played the device a lot during his musical career. You create the desired sound from a trumpet by blowing air into the mouthpiece. The trumpet and the piano are the easiest jazz instrument any beginner can learn.


Trombone creates a sound that is similar to that of a trumpet, and both instruments are played in similar ways; that is by blowing air into the mouthpiece. It is used to switch tunes in jazz music. It is a brass instrument that is often used by jazz musicians.


The saxophone is a woodwind instrument. Most Saxophone players also play other instruments such as the clarinet in a jazz band if there is a need for it. This instrument can be considered as the most popular instrument in jazz music because of its unique sounds.You also use a saxophone by pushing air into the mouthpiece. Another unique feature of a saxophone is that it can produce just one note at a time. The saxophone instrument comes in various types which you can pick from, but baritone sax is the one that is commonly used. The most significant kind of sax is the bass max, and it was one of the first saxophones to be used in a jazz song.