Places To Visit For An Amazing Jazz Experience In The Uk

Are you traveling throughout the United Kingdom and you are looking for a nice clubhouse to have a nice drink at and have a good time listening to your favorite jazz tune? Come on board as we bring you a selection of some of the best jazz clubs you will love to visit all through out the United Kingdom. There are so many places you can visit for a good jazz concert in the United Kingdom, lots of jazz bands started off in this part of the world, this means that you will enjoy the purest of jazz right from its source. There are some of the Jazz clubs you can visit for a fantastic time in the United Kingdom.

Matt and Phreds – Manchester

This jazz club is located in the super trendy section of Manchester known as the Northern Quarter. They have a great reputation, and are known for always having the finest jazz artists performing on their stages. They have both local and international artists perform and they are open 6 nights a week, and to top it all off its free admission on Monday and Thursday nights. You may want to book a table ahead of time as it books up quick, then you can sit back and relax and enjoy a great drink as well as some great music.

Dempsey’s – Cardiff

This bar has been through a few changes in its time, it was originally opened in 1731 as the The Globe, it then went through several owners and name changes over the years and has been called Dempsey’s for a few years now. While it is an Irish bar they are known for having some of the best live performers in the Cardiff area. And on the list of performers is of course a few of the great jazz artists from the area. Be sure to check their website so that you know what nights they will be playing jazz and you are sure to find a great and lively atmosphere as well as a great performance.

The Verdict – Brighton

Many think that they need to go to London in order to see a good jazz performance, but these places are often sold out and busy. But if you happen to be in the quaint area of Brighton then you will see that there are many more options beyond the busy clubs in London. Just a few streets away from the infamous Brighton pier is an area known as Law Courts, therefore the club is called Verdict, in this area you can find many small and unique bars and restaurants that you are sure to enjoy. It is found in a small basement, covered with pictures of some of the greatest performers in jazz, due to its small size it has a maximum occupancy of 60 people and it is often full to the brim. There is a small cafe located above as well that serves yummy coffee and drinks and where you can see the performances as well. Many flock to this small location so make sure you get there early so that you are able to get a seat and enjoy the performance at hand.