Small and Insignificant Venues With a Bustling Jazz Scene in London

Jazz venues are widely appreciated in London. There is something about the smoothness of the music alongside the soft melody of the saxophone, the thumping of the drums and the soft chittering of the cymbals that cater to the finest sides of a person. In recent times, many of the famous jazz venues in London have closed down leaving the fame and popularity to those who next capture the diverted attention of former performers as well as individuals who frequented previous jazz venues. There are many popular jazz venues. Each of them is large and are designed to hold many people. However, there are more small jazz venues than larger ones now. Though they are smaller in size and have less of a crowd, they are still popular among many and will continue to be so. A difference between a primarily known jazz venue and a minor but popular venue is the location. While the most popular venues are located in places where there is a larger crowd, the smaller sites are located wherever there is space. Areas like railway arches and pub basements are some of the most classic locations for small jazz venues. In some cases, they are also the most effective in drafting a crowd.

Servant Jazz Quarters

The Servant Jazz Quarters is known for its choice of two parts. The upstairs room is a luxurious hideout where one can have a well-made cocktail or two. The underground rooms, however, or the basement is known to be the highlight of the venue, with live jazz music and a demanding audience, the lower rooms are large enough to fit only a hundred people. A wide array of musicians are known to play at the venue. Some of the musicians that have visited in the past include the famous Sun Ra Arkestra. Another artist who also visited includes Moses Boyle, a leading artist in London back in 2014.

Moth club

This club is known for its flashy appearance and peculiar sense of glamour that it follows. By far one of the most unusual venues in this list. The features of the establishment include the use if glamourous and eye-catching colors and shades of gold. The stage alongside the roof is usually draped and covered in golden streamers and glitter making everything that you see, seem more extravagant and more exciting to behold. Moth club is known for its club nights as well as its gigs. In club moth, the performances are known to be captivating with varying points of musical genres, and different styles. It usually results in the crowd turning sweaty and lively. Club moth is known to be one of the most recent openings in London; however, it has positioned itself as an establishment for big people to make small performances. One of such big people was pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker. This individual stopped by the venue during his latest UK tour, making it easily one of the most sought after places in this list.