The Cheltenham Jazz Festival is All That Jazz

An interest in Jazz is hard to satiate, especially if you are looking for a large-scale event to engage in some good jazz music with like-minded individuals. In England, there are several pubs and live music venues that provide that much-desired jazz experience. However, these little venues don’t really help when every other genre of music have large scale concerts and festivals. The good news though for jazz enthusiasts are that the Cheltenham Jazz Festival is all about the genre and dedicated only to the jazz audience throughout England and around Europe and the world. The festival happens during the summer months, so some beautiful weather is a promise too.

What to Expect at The Festival?

No, you won’t find just budding talent here but, this festival is for the big names throughout the country. The Fringe Festival has been famous in Cheltenham throughout the years, and this Jazz festival is hoping to build on that success. Local promoters and fresh locations are added to the Jazz festival, and the public love it. There is always something beautiful to expect from this festival that is homegrown and thriving too. From pop-up locations to famous clubs, the venues only add to the flavor of the jazz artists in the country. The Fringe Festival was the only big jazz festival every year, and now that the Cheltenham Festival has arrived in all its splendor, the stage for showcasing the talent that is fresh, new, and popular is a promise for the jazz fans in England.

The festival runs through a few weekends, so there is something to catch during the festival dates on the weekends. One of the weekends is dedicated to free performances throughout the locality. People are invited to simple join in the music and spend a relaxed weekend enjoying some good ole jazz. Some of the venues that offer wining, dining, and famous brews are perfect for the fan who wishes to spend a lovely evening with friends in an indoor or outdoor setting. The best performances are at the pop-up stages throughout the city. They have fun activities for the patrons who come to the shows. The music is by far the best, and the crowd is energetic and draw the interest of everyone who might turn into jazz fans at the end of the shows.

A Memorable Experience

For those jazz fans who are looking to catch a few of the stages throughout the city, there is usually a line-up and information available online closer to the dates. There is an influx of visitors who come to the festival with a record number of over 400,000 people coming in during the time. Therefore, if you are planning to get to a paid small venue, best to book your tickets in advance. There is a selection of both contemporary jazz and classical jazz along with some of the best jazz musicians from around the world. The Cheltenham Festival has been built to promote the cultural experience of the city and encourages people from everywhere in Europe and around England to come to the town. As the audience numbers grow, the popularity of this festival is also bound to leave an everlasting flavor on the music palette of Cheltenham.