The We Out Here Jazz Music Fest in Birmingham is Brand New and Rocking

The We Out Here Jazz Music Fest in Birmingham is Brand New and Rocking
The We Out Here Jazz Music Fest in Birmingham is Brand New and Rocking

The We Out here Jazz Music Fest was a new entry on the Country’s Festival scene in 2018. All the Festival buffs were excited, and the anticipation was high. Everybody was interested in this Festival because of international line-ups. No many music festivals can boast of this kind of artists in its first season itself. The Festival was curated by Gilles Peterson, one of the best in the business. The Festival went on for four days of non-stop. The We Out Here Fest is seen as a successor to popular Secret Garden Fest as both the fests take place at the same venue. The expectations from the Fest were sky high, and the Festival delivered.


The best thing about the Fest is the atmosphere. There was a very cosy and intimate vibe all around the site. The audiences are not from any specific age group, but people of all generations are present at the Fest. Small kids with their moms and dads we’re singing along with the performers. Old couples can enjoy their time and cheer like 25-year-olds. The young generation is all glittery and funky. It is one of those fests that have a very family-like atmosphere with crossing each other’s ways multiple times during the four days.

Not just Music

Even though the 2018 one was a pure music festival, the activities were not just about Music. You could swim and relax during the day, or hang out at the pubs while enjoying your drink. There were also different kinds of exciting rides for children and adults. You could also listen to your favourite Music inside the record store. There was also a dance floor inside, where you could have fun with your friends. The Fest felt like a fairground at times.

Impressive Line-up in The Environmentally Friendly Venue

The Line-up at the Fest in 2018 was incredibly versatile. You could listen to almost every genre of Music, for four days. The gigs weren’t too long, and the songs changed every minute or two. You could be crooning to a soulful music number one minute and then dancing wildly the other. Tirzah, Mala, and other music bands performed for the audience. The Line-up at the Fest was set up with versatility at the organizers’ mind. Some of the newer artists performed very close to nature. There were performances besides the lake, in the sun, and under the trees.

The organizers and the artists made most of the gorgeous venue they had at their hands. The Music sounded different closer to nature, as natural sounds added their own flavour to the performances. There were many famous DJs present during the Fest. The big names were sporting and played everything the audience wanted them to play. DJs even played their newer tunes and made some of the Music right there at the Festival. There were no limitations on the kind of Music the audience wanted to hear, which helped the DJs to push their limits. The Festival was a significant success and people are already asking about the next year’s Fest. The arrangements were almost perfect, and no considerable mishappening took place at the Festival. People were happy with their experience. For a new Festival on the scene, it is one to watch out for the future.