Ways to Make A Livelihood as a Jazz Musician

The minute you mention that you want to be a musician, you are bound to raise a few eyebrows, and some counseling session offers from family and friends. This turn of events to your exciting announcement is even more familiar with the working-class family. Unless your family is swimming in funds and there is a hedge fund to support you, the chances are that you won’t have a family to help your passion. The few who do want to hear more about your musical journey often frown even more once you joyfully claim that Jazz music is where your passion lies. So, what do you do if your passion lies in jazz? Do you change the kind of music you like or is there something you can continue to do while you wait to achieve the dream gig that will take you places? Here are a few ways you can make a living as a Jazz Musician.

Keep the Gigs You Get

Most Jazz musicians are a popular demand with live music venues. They will be able to make a living starting with this and continuing to do this for as long as they wish to. During times they are not in the mood; they still should continue to keep the gigs that pay them because everyone likes a committed musician. There are four main ways you can keep at the gigs in some way or the other. This way, you will have work lined up throughout the week, and you will need to make sure you plan your week efficiently and adequately.

  1. Casual Gigs
  2. Club Gigs
  3. Tours, and
  4. Film and Record Sessions

Teaching and Tutoring

One of the most important ways you can earn from your music skills is through hosting teaching and tutoring classes for enthusiasts who wish to learn an instrument. The profession is an honorable one, and there is a lucrative income that you can get from it. Here are ways you can be a teacher of music.

  1. School Education
  2. College Classes
  3. Private Tutoring Sessions
  4. Online Courses
  5. Master Class

Composing and Arrangement

While you keep doing your morning jobs to keep the incoming flowing, make sure that you keep writing at night. There are several ways you can use your skills. You can choose to sell your music compositions to other bands, or you can even start using the time to plan your path to become a great musician when the time comes. Being just a teacher of music goes well with composing and arranging music at night. The opportunity gives you the chance to get started with your music career on a larger scale.

Music Business or Selling Merchandise

Start up a physical or an online store to sell things that are related to music. There are different things you can sell. Either your skills or books and DVDs or even musical instruments. People want to be able to shop at a store where the owner is aware of the music business. You can also have a recording studio and earn an income from it. The choice is yours. The number of Jazz musicians who offer services that are a niche to the Jazz industry is few. So, you will make a great living doing it.